Pongal Celebration - III to V


Embracing Tradition and Fun!

Category : III – V                                    Date : 19.01.2023                                   Day : Friday

We are thrilled to share the joyous celebration of Pongal at our school, where our category children immersed themselves in the rich traditions and cultural significance of this vibrant festival.

  • Class 3: Exploring Creativity with Clay: 

In Class 3, our young learners delved into the world of Pongal by crafting delightful Pongal-related materials using clay. Their hands-on experience not only sparked creativity but also allowed them to understand the cultural significance of these traditional items.

  • Class 4: Soaring High with Kite Making:

In Class 4 took to the skies as the children engaged in the art of Kite making. Using different shapes, colors, and sizes, they crafted unique kites and experienced the thrill of flying them high in the sky. This activity not only brought out their artistic flair but also added a touch of festivity to the air.

  • Class 5: Traditional Pongal Making: 

In Class 5, the focus was on the heart of Pongal celebrations – the traditional Pongal making. The children actively assisted their Class Teachers in preparing Pongal. This experience allowed them to appreciate the specialities of the festival, and they joyously shared their creations with the entire school community.

It was indeed a fantastic day for all the children, filled with laughter, learning, and the joy of Pongal. This immersive experience ensured that our children not only enjoyed the celebration but also gained valuable insights into the cultural roots of Pongal. We believe that such activities play a crucial role in fostering a love for our traditions and cultural heritage.