Pongal Celebration - Mont.


ā€œChildren have an absorbent mind. They absorb knowledge from the environment without fatigue.ā€ - Dr. Maria Montessori

Category : Montessori                         Date : 12.01.2024                                   Day : Thursday

  • Pongal is one of the most important religious festivals in Tamil Nadu.
  • Our Montessori category children availed the opportunity of thanking the Sun, Mother Nature, farmers and farm animals by celebrating the festival on Friday, 12th January 2024.
  • All the children were groomed in traditional attire.
  • Beautiful flower rangolis at the doorstep of each environment and various colourful activities added beauty to the celebration.
  • A sweet pongal was made available to all the children to satisfy their taste buds.

 The greatness of our culture can be found in this celebration.