Cyber Security Awareness (XI & XII)


“I dream of a digital India where cyber security becomes an integral part of our National Security.” – Narendra Modi

Category : XI & XII                                Date : 13.10.2023                                  Day : Friday

In order to create awareness about the importance of cyber security and problem faced by people due to cyber crime among the young children the Cyber Club of SPS Dharmapuri has organised an awareness programme on 10/10/2023, Tuesday in the school campus. This programme focussed on various cyber-crimes happening in and around us and how to protect our loved ones from them.

We invited Mrs. VIJAYALAKSMI, Inspector of Police, Cyber Crime Police Station, Dharmapuri and Mr.ArunNehru,  Sub Inspector of Police, Cyber Crime Police Station, Dharmapuri, Trained in Cyber forensics and investigation by CDTI.

 Both the Chief Guests interacted with the children and enlightened them with numerous PowerPoint slides. They post many questions to the children and students participated in this interaction enthusiastically. The session was informative and made the students realize their duties as responsible netizens by using social media platforms in a constructive manner.