Competition 3 (VI to VIII)


“The best part of competition is that through it we discover what we are capable of and how much more we can actually do than we ever believed possible.”

Category : VI – VIII                                Date : 06.12.2023                                  Day : Wednesday

We, VI to VIII Compartment of Senthil Public School, Dharmapuri has conducted our Category’s III competition for the children on 29.11.2023 (Wednesday – Prelims) for all the classes in their respective classroom and 06.12.2023 (Wednesday – Finals). Every child in the VI to VIII Category has participated enthusiastically in the competition. The main objective of this competition is to make the children understand the arts, culture, traditions and ways of life in Tamil Nadu.

The competition has been conducted as follows,

  • Class VI – இறைவழிப்பாடல் (INDIVIDUAL)
  • Class VII –சிரிப்போம்! சிந்திப்போம்! (GROUP)
  • Class VIII –தமிழன் தந்த கலைக்கோயில் (GROUP)