Motivational Session 1 (XI & XII)



Category : XI & XII                                Date : 13.12.2023                                  Day : Wednesday

Date & Day: 13.12.2023 & Wednesday

Venue: Conventional Hall, SPS, Dharmapuri.

  • Today  13.12.2023 Hon’ble Chairman Shri. Senthil. C. Kandhasamy visited SPS campus to meet grade XII students at the convention hall for motivating them to be earnest as the board examination is nearing.
  • He  advised the students to become great citizens in their future by nourishing their discipline and character at the tender age.
  • He insisted the point that marks alone will not decide the students’ future.
  • He expressed his happiness in meeting and conversed with the students of Grade XII.
  • Instructions and awareness about the current societal scenarios and its worst impacts on students community were delivered
  • Various technological findings like mobiles, social media are poisoning the minds of the students.
  • Television and media are leading the younger generation towards destruction.
  • Students must have complete focus on studies alongside discipline to get well - settled in future and prove the motto of our school "CHARACTER BASED QUALITY EDUCATION"
  • Personal life experiences and learnings over the period of time, his achievements through hard and smart work were shared to students.

Interaction session was held where several enthusiastic students posted queries which were answered with grace and brilliance by our beloved Chairman.