Eco Club - Plant Campaign


“When we heal the Earth, we heal ourselves”

Date : 01.08.2023                                  Day : Tuesday

Place: Students Home Garden

Our Mission:

  • To increase the awareness among the school children regarding importance of plants through sapling.
  • To raise the students’ “interest” over environmental concerns like planting the saplings, monitoring the saplings.
  • To get the students actively involved in environmental matters from their own area.


  • The "One Child, One Plant" campaign which was organized by CBSE on “Commemoration of 3rd anniversary of NEP-2020” encourages children to adopt and care for a plant, has found its way into home gardens, creating a positive impact on the environment and promoting sustainable practices.
  • The extension of the campaign to home gardens involved providing participating children with a potted plant suitable for outdoor cultivation. Involvement of parents and family members was a crucial aspect of this extension.
  • The campaign aimed to promote bonding and learning experiences within the families as they collaborated to take care of the plant.
  • Eco club coordinators conducted monthly check-ins with participating students to provide guidance and address any challenges they faced.
  • These interactions also allowed families to share their progress and success stories.