Fun 'O' Mania 2023


Fun 'O' Mania - Mega Carnival Festival “The fest which pleases soul and stomach”.

Date : 02.12.2023                                   Day : Saturday

Fun 'O' Mania - Mega Carnival Festival 

The Mega Carnival, Fun ‘O’ Mania, was held at Senthil Public School, Dharmapuri on 02.12.2023, Saturday

This Carnival was snip- inaugurated by Hon’ble Chairman of Senthil Group of Schools, Shri. Senthil C. Kandasamy, Madam Chairman Shrimathi. K. Manimegalai Kandasamy, Secretary, Shri.K. Dhanasekar and Correspondent Shrimathi. Deepthi Dhanasekar amidst thundering music which vibrated the ground. Forty stalls were set and every stall was snip-inaugurated by Admin Officer Shri. J. Karthikeyan, Senior Principal Shri. C. Srinivasan, Principal Shri. P. Senthil Murugan, 

Vice-Principal Shri. S.Rajkumar and all Academic Coordinators.

The entire fest was conducted by the stark investment of students. They themselves selected the food items, prepared the balance sheet and harvested the profit also. It paved the way to make the students feel the Entrepreneurship in their tender hearts. The entire ground overflowed with games and food dishes. All the parents suggested that it’s a good initiative by the school to improve the entrepreneurship among the students.

In all the forty stalls, the traditional food items which pleased the elders, the modern food items which pleased the young ones, the 90 s candies which are rarely seen nowadays, Ooty chocolates, Varikki, natural cool drinks, the different varieties of games which entertained the kids and haunted house adorned the arena. Planetarium, Trampoline and Jumping Bed attracted the children to have more fun in the carnival.

Many students and public who belong to in and around Dharmapuri district came like the waves of ocean to witness the fest and enjoyed by tasting different dishes and playing different games.

The band of our school students played music and sang songs to entertain the audience. Both teachers and students did their great job on every nook and corner.

The Fest of Food and Games was rejoiced by tasting the foods and playing the games. The public provided their entire cooperation to make this fest end in a grand manner.