"Kaleidoscopes remind us that beauty can be found in the most unexpected places."

Category : III – V                                    Date : 04.11.2023                                   Day : Saturday

  • On Saturday, November 4th, 2023, we celebrated our cultural program under the banner “Kaleidoscope.”
  • The event was graced by the presence of our management members, staff, parents and enthusiastic students.
  • We were honored to have Mr. N. Balasubramanian, the Additional Superintendent of Police of Dharmapuri, as our chief guest. His inspiring speech added brilliance to the occasion.
  • Our secretary's address was full of valuable insights for teachers, parents and children, emphasizing the pivotal roles of both school and parents in each child's development.
  • Over 500 students participated in various programs, showcasing their remarkable talents.
  • The students shone through their performances, including dances, storytelling and singing.
  • Parents joined in with enthusiasm, delighting in their children's performances and appreciating the hard work of both students and teachers.

"Life is like a Kaleidoscope; the slightest shift, and all patterns alter."

  • This quote means that in real life, even small changes or decisions can have a big impact. Just like when you turn a kaleidoscope and the colourful patterns change, the choices we make or unexpected events can completely transform the course of our lives.