Colours day 2023


“Colours are the smiles of nature.”

Category : Montessori                         Date : 29.11.2023                                   Day : Thursday

  • Colours prove as aids for the children to sort and classify objects.
  • Our Montessori category celebrated Colours day on 29th November 2023, Thursday.  Montessori wing turned out as a colourful rainbow in the beautiful sky.
  • Each Environment was decorated with different colours and looked very beautiful.
  • Class colour code and dress code for the children were same to create an origin of the colours.
  • Various activities were planned for the children to make the celebration joyfully.
  • Children dressed in those beautifully glowing colours like red, blue, green, black, yellow, white, pink, etc., which reflected just how their pure souls are all the time filled with fun and enthusiasm.