Fruit Salad day 2023


“Respect all the reasonable forms of activity in which the child engages and try to understand them.” - Dr. Maria Montessori

Category : Montessori                         Date : 28.07.2023                                   Day : Friday

"One fruit a day keeps the doctor away.” 

  • Montessori category celebrated an appetizing yummy Fruit salad day on 28/7/2023 Friday.
  • Munchkins of Montessori dolled up themselves in different types of fruits to make the activity a remarkable one.
  • Description about the fruits with their benefits was narrated by the Montessori children.
  • With the dynamic participation of children, the activity of preparing Fruit Salad was upheld by the class teachers. Classrooms were beautified by the creativity of the adults.
  • Activities aim to assimilate knowledge and develop a sense of dedication. It improves their interest in learning things.
  • With right quantity and type of fruits, a yummy fruit salad works wonders for the children.