Vinayagar chathurthi (III to V)


"May the Lord Vigna Vinayaga remove all our obstacles and shower with bounties"

Category : III - V                              Date : 19.09.2023                              Day : Tuesday

Warm Greetings from SPS. We are happy to inform you that we the family of 3 to 5  celebrated Vinayagar Chaturthi which is a day filled with the devotion and cultural richness.

  • We were gathered to partake in traditional rituals like installation of Ganesha idols,  offering prayers and sharing the delicious modak sweets which symbolise the devotion and gratitude.
  • We are honoured to have our esteemed Principal Shri. P. Senthil Murugan who transported us to the world of Lord Ganesha with Pooja.
  • Our honorable Vice Principal, A.Cos of all the categories and admin staff were invited to ignite the celebration.
  • Our students have put in tremendous effort to showcase their talents through dance, singing and bringing life to the celebration which teaches them moral values like humanity and wisdom. 
  • Our children were encouraged to unleash their creativity through art in making Ganesha idols and decorations.
  • We teachers and students as a community share modak which is not just sweet but a token of love which we share beyond it's taste.
  • Our children were dressed up like Lord Shiva, Parvati, Murugan Vishnu, Vinayagar and all other Devas. As a part of the celebration students were taken as a procession along with Ganesh idols and Celestials.
  • The Ganesh Idol will be kept in our school premises with all Pooja done and will be immersed in water in right manner after all festivities.
  • Let us carry forward the spirit of positive attitude throughout our lives with Lord Ganesha's blessings.

A Happy Vinayagar Chaturthi from us to you all.