RSP Club - National Unity Day 2023


“There is beauty and power in unity. We must be united in heart and mind.”

Category : VI – XII                                Date : 02.11.2023                                  Day : Thursday

In connection of the National Unity day RSP(Road Safety Patrol) Club of Senthil Public School, Adhiyamankottai has organised a Road Rally on the National Unity Day and Road Safety for the pupils of Classes VI- XII .This rally was planned on 02/11/’23 at 11:00am.  More than 500 students actively participated in this rally. Senior Principal Shri C. Srinivasan flagged off the rally after the pledge on National Unity. This rally aimed to spread cognizance on National Unity and Road Safety with the help of Road Safety Patrol Club students. The rally started from Senthil Public School Adhiyamankottai passed via R C Junction , crossed the over bridge ,  Devarasampatti Junction  and  Collector’s Bungalow  and at last  ended at the destination Senthil Public  School, Adhiyamankottai. The programme was organised in a smooth and charming manner with the solid security of Adhiyanmankottai Police Station personnel. The students who took part in this rally displayed a long precession with colourful placards and enlightened all the people whom they came across. The student chanted various slogans related to unity, harmony and road safety and made every Tom , Dick and Harry realise their contribution towards nation’s unity and integrity.