Field Trip - X


“Our elders deserve a place where their laughter, stories, and wisdom can continue to brighten our lives”.

Category : IX & X                                   Date : 03.11.2023                                  Day : Friday

  • We organized a field trip to Madhar Sangam (Girls) and Sevalaya Old Age Home (Boys) for students of class X on 03rd November 2023. 258 students and 12 teachers were greeted by a representative of the Old Age Home who gave a brief description of the home and those residing there. Students handed over the things to the Secretary Smt. Sundari and Shri.V. Muralidharan. All students got the opportunity to have a face to face talk with the residents of the home. Interacting with them made the students know about their past, the hardships they were enduring in life and their experiences.
  • The students were sensitized towards the needs of the elderly. They soon realized that all that the elderly needed was a little understanding, a sympathetic ear to listen to their stories, company of their loved ones and some amount of care. The Senescence’s blessed the students and expressed their gratitude for paying them a visit.