Fantasy play (III to V)


"Fantasy play is an enchanting and immersive experience that sparks the imagination and creativity of children in grades III - V"

Category : III – V                                    Date : 19.09.2023                                  Day : Tuesday

  • In this engaging activity, children dressed up as their favourite fantasy characters, allowing them to step into the magical world of make-believe.
  • The event was witnessed by our 3-5 category children, creating a lively and inclusive atmosphere.
  • Each participant carefully selected and portrayed a fantasy character they admired, such as wizards, fairies, knights, superheroes, or mythical creatures.
  • The children enthusiastically introduced their chosen characters, sharing stories about their magical abilities, adventures, and values they represented.
  • The intention behind organizing the Fantasy Play event was enhancing learning.
  • Fantasy play is an excellent tool for enhancing learning experiences.