Competition 3 (III to V)


Exciting "Avengers Bookmark Competition" Ignites Creativity Among Grade III - V Students!

Category : III – V                                    Date : 07.09.2023                                  Day : Tuesday

  • Exciting Avengers Bookmark Competition Ignites Creativity Among Grade III - V Students!
  • This competition witnessed an enthusiastic turnout as children eagerly embraced the chance to showcase their artistic talents.
  • The theme of their favourite Avengers characters, the young participants rolled up their sleeves and got to work, creating intricate and colourful bookmarks that reflected their love for both reading and the iconic Marvel superheroes.
  • The dedication and effort put forth by the participants did not go unnoticed.
  • The Avengers Bookmark Competition served not only as a platform for creativity but also as a reminder of the power of storytelling and imagination. Through this event, young minds were encouraged to celebrate their favorite characters, explore their artistic abilities, and engage with the world of literature in a unique and exciting way.