Maaya Sabha 2024 - I & II


“Children must be taught how to think, not what to think.” – Margaret Mead

Category : I & II                                     Date : 03.02.2024                                  Day : Saturday

The Magnanimous “Maaya Sabha”

The Club carnival “Maaya Sabha 2024” was conducted on 03.02.2024 (Saturday) in I & II Category, in which the children exposed their learnings and talents through various subjects and clubs. The materials and teaching aids that were exhibited in the classrooms were extra - ordinary and the children excelled in explaining the materials to the parents in an excellent manner.

          The children proved their flair through various cultural programmes like dance, skit and drama. The marvellous models, the wonderful art work and the fabulous chart works added to the stunning performance of the students. Here a dance and there a skit by the blooming buds inspired the audience to the earth and sun. 

          Finally, as the mind of the parents was filled with various shows, their hunger was satisfied with healthy food and beverages and the day well ended with glorious and enriched tasks.