Snack 'O' Pedia 2K23


"Food is not rational. Food is culture, habit, craving and identity."

Category : IX & X                                   Date : 07.10.2023                                  Day : Saturday

Senthil Public School, Dharmapuri hosted its Snack‘O’Pedia 2K23 on 07 October 2023 with great ardour and exuberance. The main aim of conducting this event was to inculcate entrepreneurial skills and raise funds for charity. The event was inaugurated by the Secretary Shri. K. Dhanasekar. The Students of classes IX & X put up stalls under the names 90's Kids, Street Surprise, Golgappa, Fresh Brew Cafe, Treat n' Eat, Tutti Frutti, Icy Junction and few game shows. 

The students took utmost care of hygiene. They sold the food items to their friends, parents, and teachers. It was a good learning experience for the student organizers to acquire entrepreneurial skills, which helped the students learn teamwork, collaboration, and creativity. 

A Flashmob performance by students was the other highlights. The Convention Hall of the school pulsated with scintillating music and a lively crowd. The event was a great success in terms of a wide variety of mouth-watering delicacies and the creative decoration of each stall.