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Our exam cell activities include

Exam Cell play a pivotal role in ensuring the smooth and efficient conduct of examinations within the academic institution. The responsibilities encompass a wide array of tasks, including scheduling and organizing examinations, overseeing the creation of question papers, coordinating with faculty members, and implementing robust examination processes. Exam Cell contribute to the overall success and efficiency of the academic evaluation system.

How Exam Cell Works

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Co-ordinating and streamlining (subjectwise) academic activities of Senthil group of schools.
  • Conducting campus drive and walk-in- interview to fish out smart and energetic teachers for our Senthil Group of Schools.
  • Acting as mentors to assess and ensure the quality of staff members.
  • Selecting the books for each category.
  • Guiding the teachers to prepare lesson plan.
  • Checking Question banks, exam refreshers and work sheets.
  • Planning the curriculum.
  • Selecting the outsource persons to assess LSRW skills of students of classes I to V.
  • Conducting workshops for the teachers subject wise.
  • Scheduling and observing demo classes.
  • Counselling the teachers for perfect knowledge transfer.
  • Checking the reading skill of students from class I – VIII.
  • Regular visits to SPS – Salem, SPS & SMSHSS – Adhiyamankottai and SPS & SMS – Krishnagiri for growing together.
  • Observing classes and giving feedback for SPS – Salem, SPS & SMSHSS – Adhiyamankottai and SPS & SMS – Krishnagiri.
  • Conducting department meetings at SPS – Salem, SPS & SMSHSS – Adhiyamankottai and SPS & SMS – Krishnagiri.
  • Arranging workshops by publishers to improve the quality of teaching and to use the teaching materials in the best possible manner.
  • Checking Note Books / Portion completion.
  • Guiding Teachers for Subject Competency Exam / Lab Manual for ensuring quality.
  • Question paper preparation for SPS – Salem, SPS & SMSHSS – Adhiyamankottai and SPS & SMS – Krishnagiri.
  • Correcting Subject Competency Test papers of staff members. (SPS – Salem, SPS & SMSHSS – Adhiyamankottai and SPS & SMS – Krishnagiri).
  • Setting the time table for all the exams of Senthil group of schools.
  • Preparing Subject Competency Question Papers and answer key.
  • Checking the answer key of each exam for the classes I – X
  • Rechecking the evaluated answer scripts of students - Randomly.
  • Guiding & motivating class X – Toppers to think out of box and face HOT questions.
  • Continuous research in the field of teaching and learning for most modern techniques.
  • Fostering inter-disciplinarity both within the school and between schools.
  • Managing and encouraging an information flow to Staff and Students within the school.
  • Ensuring the regular review, evaluation and development of programmes offered by the school.
  • Promoting excellence and improvement in all matters of teaching, learning, research and administration.
  • Developing a strategic plan for the school, in consultation with the school management and A. Co’s including the preparation of a staffing and resource plan.
  • Ensuring the effective delivery of high quality teaching and the maintenance of academic standards.
  • Fostering the development of academic quality and initiatives within the context of long term strategies of the school.
  • Creating a supportive working environment for all staff in the school and fostering their career development.